Cosmetic and Medical Micropigmentation

Cosmetic Transformations is a company based in our Medical Centre that provides micropigmentation services to patients in our community and surrounding areas.

Micropigmentation is a form of tattooing whereby medical grade pigments are implanted into the skin in order to enhance or restore features that have been lost due to trauma, surgery or illness. The effect is more subtle than conventional make-up and will not smudge or wash off, enabling individuals to feel confident in their appearance every hour of the day for years to come.

Cosmetic Transformations is dedicated to empowering people to manage the effects that trauma or illness can have on their appearance, and often on their morale. It was founded in the belief that wellness and vitality are as much about emotional well-being as about physical health.

Cosmetic Transformations is owned and operated by Kyla Gutsche, a former visual arts professor and cancer survivor who switched her career after experiencing the boost to confidence that medical tattooing can have on one’s life.

Cosmetic Transformations specializes in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation procedures that are life enhancing and long-lasting.

Services include: lash enhancement, eyeliner, lip colour, hairstroke eyebrows, hair simulation for scalp scars and baldness, scar and skin camouflage, vitiligo repigmentation, areola and nipple restoration.

Look Better. Feel Better.

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Most survivors are patently aware that health and wellness goes beyond physical recovery. There are a lot of emotional scars that come with trauma or illness. Psychological studies have shown that when someone feels that they look better they actually will feel better. Therefore helping people look better is intrinsically tied to helping them feel better.

My most important job is helping people to face the mirror and the world with more confidence.