Doctor Michelle Vilcini

Family Clinician

Dr. Michelle M. Vilcini

Completed my Bachelor of Arts and Science and then my medical training at McMaster University. Residency in Family Medicine followed in Thunder Bay, ON 1991-1993. Practiced in Sault Ste Marie for 6 years before settling in Peterborough in 1999. I live near Bridgenorth with my husband and 2 sons.

I provide a comprehensive family medicine practice at The Medical Centre and I also practice Obstetrics with the Partners in Pregnancy Family Medicine Obstetrical Team. The Partners in Pregnancy Clinic is located in the Turnbull Medical Building in downtown Peterborough, and I practice there on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

My practice is a teaching site for Family Medicine Residents. The residents are qualified physicians, and have completed medical school, and passed all examinations. When in my practice, the resident doctor will mostly be seeing patients independently, with my supervision/review. I would like to encourage all of my patients to take the opportunity to help these new doctors as they specialize in family medicine.


Urgent visits requested by telephone will be evaluated by the nurse (Charmaine) and given an appointment the same day if possible and medically necessary. If Dr. Vilcini is unavailable (delivering a baby for example), your other options for urgent same day care will be discussed with you. The Medical Centre always as a doctor on call for urgent medical problems.

Appointment Scheduling

All requests for an appointment will be triaged (prioritized) by the receptionist and/or nurse and documented with reason for visit. Patients will be asked to provide specific information about their reason for visit. This is necessary to book the appropriate amount of time for your appointment. The average family doctor appointment is about 15 minutes long. Please try to arrive on time. We do make every effort to keep the office on time. We reserve the right to re-book patients who are late for appointments.

Missed Appointment Policy

If missing appointments without proper notification becomes a habit, the patient will be charged for the missed visit and I reserve the right to dismiss the patient from my practice for repeated no shows.

Prescribing Policies

Prescriptions will not be routinely renewed over the phone unless previously agreed. It is the patient’s responsibility, as an active partner in their health care, to monitor their prescriptions and make appointments/requests at least 2 weeks prior to prescriptions expiring. We will do our best to review medication lists at each visit and therefore maintain an up-to-date list of prescriptions on a regular basis.

Referrals to Specialists

Dr. Vilcini recognizes the scope of family practice and the need for occasional referral to specialty services. This will be at Dr. Vilcini's discretion. Dr. Vilcini will use evidence-based guidelines to direct these decisions. Before any referral is arranged, patients must see the family doctor for pre-consultation information gathering and investigations to facilitate a faster and more effective consultation.

What to Bring to Each Visit

Please bring all current medications or an up to date list of all current medications with you. You also need to bring your Health Card to all appointments.

Uninsured Services

Not all services provided are covered by OHIP. As such, you will be asked to pay for certain services. A list of these services will be posted in our office. Non-payment, within a reasonable time frame, will result in a letter of warning. Non-payment twice will result in a discontinuation of uninsured services for that particular patient and may result in this patient no longer being a member of Dr. Vilcini’s family practice. That said, we realize and will always take into consideration that some patients may not be able to pay for these services. Please do not hesitate to inform us if these charges pose a financial hardship to you. Alternative arrangements can be made and this will not result in any penalty.