Doctor Mabel Mak

Family Clinician

Dr. Mabel MakM.D., C.C.F.P., L.M.C.C.,

Dr. Mak began studying Pharmacology during her undergraduate years at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB before being granted early admission to Medical School. She was able to work and travel in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand for a year between her 1st and 2nd year of Medical School.

She continued to complete her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Alberta in 2001. Dr. Mak also has a special interest in Maternity Care and Pediatrics. Through the years, she has followed her passion to deliver and care for babies through her Family Practice and several low risk Obstetrical clinics.

In 2008, she and her family relocated to Peterborough, ON. She currently works part-time at The Medical Centre and part-time at the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic that has an exciting multidisciplinary team approach to providing maternity care! Dr. Mak is also an Associate Professor for Queen’s University, and her practice is a teaching site for the Queen’s Family Medicine Residency Program. The residents are qualified physicians who have completed Medical School and passed their examinations. The resident doctor will mostly be seeing patients independently. Dr. Mak’s patients may be offered an opportunity to see the resident who will often review cases with Dr. Mak.

Dr. Mak speaks Cantonese Chinese and English. Her interests include spending time with her family and two sons, running and travelling internationally.

Staff Information

We embrace a team approach of your health care! Erinn is our practice nurse and receptionist. All staff are held to the same strict confidentiality standard as Dr. Mak. Dr. Mak will not tolerate any verbal, emotional or physical abuse of her team members. Should a patient display this behavior, they will be asked to leave the practice immediately without exception.

Availability & Accessibility

Urgent visits requested by telephone will be evaluated and given an appointment the same day if possible. If no appointment is available that day, you are welcome to register for the Extended Hours Clinic by calling 705-743-6222.

If your concern is of a more urgent nature, you should proceed to the local Emergency Department at PRHC. Patients are also encouraged to contact TeleHealth Ontario for advice at 1-866-553-7205 if concern is not of an emergent nature.

Missed Appointment Policy

To ensure accessibility of care to all patients, Dr. Mak’s office requires at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment or the patient may be charged for a missed visit.

Prescribing Policies

Please note prescriptions will not be renewed by phone or fax. We encourage patients to call the office to book an appointment when they have filled their last refill, at least 2-3 weeks prior to prescriptions expiring. It is the patients’ responsibility as an active partner in their healthcare, to maintain their prescriptions, and make appointments to renew them well in advance of running out.

Referrals to Specialists

There may be times when a patient’s concerns may be outside the scope of Family Practice and a referral to specialty services may be helpful or indicated. This will be made at Dr. Mak’s discretion based on evidence-based guidelines to direct these decisions, and considering the best interests of the patient. Before any referral is arranged, patients do need to follow up in the office for an appointment for pre-consultation to gather important information, investigations, etc. that will assist in making the referral more timely, and the assessment of the specialist more efficient.

What to Bring to Each Visit

  1. All current medications in their bottles (if not practical, a list with name, dose & frequency)
  2. Health Card (without Health card, you will not be seen)

Uninsured Services

Please note that not all services are covered by OHIP. As a result, you may be charged a fee for this service that is often due at the time of the visit the service is provided. If you are unsure whether the service is covered, you may ask staff when booking the appointment. There is also a list of these services in our exam rooms. We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances where you may not be able to pay for these services. Please discuss with Dr. Mak or her staff if this is the case.

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