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Dr Tom Comerford (Allergist) Retirement

Please be advised that Dr. Tom Comerford, Allergist, is retiring September 30, 2022. Unfortunately we have not been successful in recruiting a replacement. Please contact Dr. Comerford’s office in the meantime, if you wish to request a copy of your medical records. An administration fee, as recommended by the Ontario Medical Association will apply to all such requests for information.

Updated COVID-19 Information

Updated December 14th 2022

COVID-19 Fall Boosters

Please click here to see the latest information regarding COVD19 Fall Boosters

COVID-19: What to do if you may have been exposed

  • • To help address the most common patient questions about COVID given evolving guidance on testing, how to manage COVID at home, and self-isolation, the OCFP has partnered with UofT DFCM to create a set of six plain language documents that will be available in multiple languages.
  • • Find all these guidance documents at and you can also access them individually here.